I cant fix it but I know a guy.

Technicians capable of diagnosing and correcting the vehicles that run the roads today are an “endangered species”. Long gone are the days when you throw on a new set of points, clean the distributor cap and replace the spark plugs to fix up you ride. Today’s technician has to just about have a degree in engineering to diagnose communication lines, voltage reference lines, shorts to ground, shorts to voltage, variable valve timing, active fuel lifters, and any other new technology that the world throws at us. If I had 1 career path to guide young people into it would be that of the modern technician. This field has the biggest upside as far as personal yearly monetary growth. If someone sticks with it, makes the investment in the proper tools, they can be making close to that six-figure mark in close to 7 -10 years out of school. There are not many professions out there today that hold that kind of credibility. The automotive technician has evolved from the country dwelling grease monkey to an educated well spoken upright walking member of today’s society. These are the individuals we rely on to keep our vessel of reliability moving forward. With out these dedicated people the rest of the world and all of our precious cargo will never arrive at our destination. The idea of being stranded in today society is unimaginable yet a very real possibility if we do not get more of these highly sought after individuals into the profession. The number of able technicians slides further and further down charts each year. Over and over I see people who jump into this profession only to jump right back out because they were not as technically minded as they thought they were. Don’t get me wrong, the job description has changed but this mental trait of putting the puzzles together is still not for everyone. I have three boys and I will encourage all of them to learn a trade, use your hands and your brain, hone in your craft, and make an honest living. What better place to do that than the technical world that is never on anyone’s mind until we need it and by then knowing a guy who knows a guy is too late.


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