The monster in the GM Accessories closet.

Have you ever gone in to purchase that brand new vehicle and you think about yourself driving up to work or a friends house and everyone comes out to see you in your new ride? You start thinking about all the things you can add to the vehicle during the purchase to really set it off. It may be a spoiler, side steps, inside lights or even a foot shaped gas pedal to show you like to drive it like you stole it. Did you know however that General Motors provides most everything you can think of for your vehicle under their strong Accessories program? It is made by the GM brand and carries a warranty that mirrors that of your new whip. They have thought of everything and it is made from chrome that provides just the right sparkle when the sun hits it on a bright day to painted to match your wxact paint code or even l.e.d. lighting products so your glow can gloat. All of those products are installed by your dealer and added to the cost of the vehicle so you can work it in your payment and not have to come out of pocket all at once.

Now fast forward a year down the road and you discover that you should have put on a particular accessory at the time of purchase that you did not know you needed. For a practical example we will use “Assist steps” for the truck that gets harder to step up into the older you get. Where can you get these things and what should you pay for them? Well up until recently that was as easy as searching the product on google. Thousands and thousands of GM stores begging you to click their site and buy from them. Price? We all know what a competitive market the internet brings but with GM accessories the market was so flooded that you could purchase these products for 10-15% below what the dealer cost was. Then it happened….  It started to grow…. The GM accessories monster…..

Even with a saturated market 1 little guy for a moment in time stood toe to toe with that big dark nasty monster. See, the way the little guy conquered was not by learning how to play the game like the monster, but to rewrite how the game is played. Whit, brains, and tenacity walked right up to that monster, looked him in the eye, and just chuckled as he took away his crown. One little auto dealership in the middle of a very small southern town became the largest supplier of GM accessories in the world. This little place took on the market and slaughtered it. Well as you could guess all the “big guys” on the block could not take being poked at for not being number one. What could they do about it? How do they stop the little guy? How do they get their accessories back? say it with me now Mo-nop-oly, no not the board game but an outright real life version that cant be challenged. The big monster, who we will call “Mick Kendrix” for identification purposes could not stand the little guy walking around so Mick started purchasing more and more GM Accessories distribution centers nationwide. These distribution centers are the only place a dealership is able to purchase accessories from GM. Once Mick had purchased a large geographical area that encompassed the little guys territory he begin changing the little guys purchasing price structure in order to keep his own dealerships that he was also selling to having the better pricing. Yes, he is selling to himself so the he himself can sell the most product therefore  making the money twice and driving up the consumer price. I would normally say that is a great business model however if the little guy does not have a choice where he can buy from then in at least my eyes that presents a problem. That is not ethical at all, drive the purchase price up so that you are the only one that can afford to do it and push all of your “non-friends” out of the market completely.

Well, that is where your purchase comes in to play. Now that “Mick Kendrix” has pulled all the competition out of the market, the pricing you pay for your steps is higher than it has ever been. He is taking the money out of your pocket and putting it in to his and now you are overpaying for a purchase that just a short time ago was reasonably priced for the product. The “Mick Kendrix accessories monster” is controlling the market for GM and the way he is going about it is cowardice.The problem is that GM is scared the monster may bite back so he gets away with it. I say, if the monster is so scared of the little guy that he can not function when in his presence then guess what Mr. Monster get back in the closet…….. We Win.


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