Who we are to you…..

Welcome to iamgmparts.com, over the next few months we will be updating our blogs 1 time per month. The main topic of choice will be mostly all things General Motors related. We will strive to have fresh current data for each blog but for the first blog we would like to talk about ourselves for a bit. At iamgmparts.com our main focus is on customer satisfaction, we know that with an open array of choices to buy parts on the internet that one of our competitors is just 1 click away. Our business model stands on providing the best service possible so that there is no hesitation when purchasing any future parts you may need. With our massive warehouses we have plenty of space to keep even the weird parts in stock. Our knowledgeable parts personnel have been in the business of GM parts for a Combined 100 years. We have half of our staff that has been an ASE certified automotive technician and worked as an automotive technician at least one time in their life. Even if you are not purchasing a part today feel free to call and ask us a question about what you are working on, who knows you might be missing an o-ring or bolt that you didn’t know you needed. If you are having trouble getting an actuator “in time” or if you can’t wiggle the transmission out without taking the sub-frame apart, call us. Our people know parts but they also know how to install them and a few shortcuts in doing so. At iamgmparts.com we are proud to boast our service satisfaction rate to all who will listen. We have held the prestigious “5 gold star” rating on AMAZON¬† for the past 2 years in a row. This in itself is a challenging feat, with thousands of transactions yearly, to be able to educate, provide, and deliver in a fashion to keep everyone happy is a testament to our attention to detail. In 2015 and 2016 iamgmparts.com was the largest OEM General Motors Accessory supplier in the world. We have also been recognized by GM in 2015 and 2016 for being one of the fastest growing departments nationwide. In 2014 we decided to add performance engines and powertrain ¬†components to our inventory and have carried over the same “5 gold star” ¬†standard to moving these components to your door. Iamgmparts.com has dedicated a complete warehouse for storing engines, transmissions, and transfer-cases. We also carry the turnkey performance high power engine and transmissions, big blocks, small blocks, and crate engines for track racing. With all of these moving parts at the end of the day we realize that if we do not provide you with impeccable service then we are all expanding for no reason. Each and every employee at Iamgmparts.com understands the value of each and every one of you who click on our page. We do not take it for granted and show our gratitude by producing the same results day in and day out. Our commitment to excellence is second to none and I assure you that Iamgmparts.com will make sure you are taken care of no matter what your vehicle situation may be.


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